Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yes, there are sighs, and
Yes, there are smiles, and
Yes, there are things,
Said and unsaid with a single glance,
And there are the smells,
On skin and pillowcases,
And hairs in sinks and drains
Then there is the glow and the afterglow,
The afterlife of deaths, small,
Little and sometimes very big

Those melodies suddenly make sense now
Rustling leaves in the howling midnight wind,
Sunshine, and the sound it makes when it touches your skin,
The touch of searching hands,
Seeking to understand whatever mystery hides

There are reasons for this, beyond reason
And I was always lazy, so I give in
Because this is a warm safe place
Yes, yes, raindrops keep falling on my head
But that's because I left the window open
And I like the raindrops, they're soothing

To tell the truth,
I was never that significant to start with
But there will be the silly things
And the little tiffs thereof;
The mood swings and the days of very biting reality
But like all things, they'll come and go,
and flow away in a solitary love-bite
And all will be forgiven,
And all will be forgotten,
All in the soothing- your soothing
I think too much, I know, but...

My arm is dead, but
Still I'll keep it there where it is,
Just behind your head
Because like this, just like this,
These are the moments I'll treasure..

2 hours cookbook at 4:13:00 AM


Before the witching hour, when midnight comes
Before time starts again and the moment dies
Before the bells toll their death knells for lost souls
Before the cold comes and wraps us both
Before I remember the things I'm forgetting now
Before I relearn my lines and speak my lies
Before the song ends and the words lose their meaning
Before you leave in stagecoach and caravan
Before and ever after
I love you

2 hours cookbook at 4:05:00 AM


Beauty was what my eyes saw
In a place often overlooked
Mistook, because most eyes do not search
Beyond surface, veneer and facade
Beauty was what my eyes saw
In the places where I searched for me,
As cherished as a reflection,
In the hope, vain as it was,
That I too held beauty
Beauty, my heart felt,
In a slow creeping of blood,
The trilling sound it made,
In closeness and smell and touch and taste

2 hours cookbook at 4:01:00 AM


sleepless nights
spent laughing and fighting
with imaginary friends
and enemies

an acid post
i bite my tongue
but in reality
i bite my fingers

how easy it is
to curse and joke
unvoiced insults fly
from my fingertips
to your eyes

so far away
i feel your loneliness
your anger and rage
but more than all this

as i read your thoughts
i feel my own acute pain
when coffee exits
my nose

2 hours cookbook at 3:51:00 AM


Who are you?
Look at yourself in my eyes broken by the pain -
and see your thousands reflections.
This is you - cruel and sharp as a knife,
kind and tender, scared and lonely.
Look into my eyes - this is the color of love,
You will find yourself in each of my tears.
Taste my tears - this is the taste of love,
bitter and sweet, never ceasing.

Though they say to be happy I must unroll the time
to the point when your image was one -
I want to remember you always like this,
as seen through my eyes broken by pain.
I won't gather the pieces to make an ideal of you -
You will never fit one single image.
I want to surround myself with your thousand reflections,
when you are not with me anymore.

2 hours cookbook at 3:47:00 AM


Truths Perversions

Dancing in the moonlight gaze

My minds eye all a haze

I hear not the thump at my feet
I smell not the blood that seep

The sticky floor slows me not
I must dance and have no time for thought

All the shutters have been sown shut
No light flutters in my minds hut

2 hours cookbook at 3:45:00 AM


Saturday, February 17, 2007

This is my "I love you"
My confession of the heart
My confession of spirit soul and body
These are the words a man does not speak
Most especially if they are true
He belies them
In fear and trepidation
What does this mean?
This is my soul
Laid bare before you,
In little pieces
Its tatters and remains
This is me
All that I am,
I give
I don't have much else to offer
But I hope and pray that it is enough
That somehow your eyes give it value
That somehow your eyes see its worth
This is my truth
Or at least it would be,
If I knew what truth is
But I wish to learn
This is my "I love you"
Spoken in an empty room
To the ghosts of you
If you only knew

2 hours cookbook at 5:45:00 PM


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Works done, deadlines are over, now i am bored!

Works done, deadlines are over, now i am bored!

So tried out my hands on translating few songs.Here is the translation of my favorite japanese songs. The translation isnt good but it isnt bad:P The songs are playing in the stickam player.
1.Powdered Snow - I also have done the urdu version of it, its nice!
2.Only human - Love the softness!

Remioromen - Konayuki

Konayuki mau kisetsu wa itsumo surechigai
Hitonami ni magiretemo onaji sora miteru no ni
Kaze ni fukarete nita you ni kogoeru no ni

Boku wa kimi no subete nado shitte wa inai darou
Sore demo ichiokunin kara kimi wo mitsuketa yo
Konkyo wa nai kedo honki de omotterun da

Sasai na iiai mo nakute onaji jikan wo ikite nado ikenai
Sunao ni narenai nara yorokobi mo kanashimi mo munashii dake

Konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
Futari no kodoku wo wake au koto ga dekita no kai

Boku wa kimi no kokoro ni mimi wo oshiatete
Sono koe no suru hou e sutto fukaku made
Orite yukitai soko de mou ichido aou

Wakariaitai nante uwabe wo nadete ita no wa boku no hou
Kimi no kajikanda te mo nigirishimeru koto dake de tsunagatteta no ni

Konayuki nee eien wo mae ni amari ni moroku
Zaratsuku asufaruto no ue shimi ni natte yuku yo

Konayuki nee toki ni tayorinaku kokoro wa yureru
Sore demo boku wa kimi no koto mamoritsuzuketai

Konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
Futari no kodoku wo tsutsunde sora ni kaesu kara

Powdered Snow - Remioromen

We always miss each other in the season of fluttering powdered snow
Though we're lost in the crowd, we're looking up at the same sky
And blown by the wind, we both feel the same chill

I'm sure I don't know everything about you
But still I found you out of a hundred million people
I have no proof, but I truly believe that

We can't spend time together without quarrelling over little things
If we can't be honest with each other, happiness and sadness are empty

If the powdered snow had made our hearts white
Would we have been able to share our loneliness?

I want to press my ear against your heart
And descend quietly into the depths where that voice leads me
Let's meet there once again

I'm the one who said I wanted us to understand each other, but just brushed the surface
When just by holding your cold hand we're connected

With eternity before it, the powdered snow seems too fragile
It stains the surface of the rough asphalt

Powdered snow, sometimes I'm unreliable and my heart is swayed
But even so I want to keep protecting you

If the powdered snow has made our hearts white
It will enfold our loneliness and return it to the sky


Only Human - K

Kanashimi no mukougishi ni hohoemi ga aru to iu yo

Kanashimi no mukougishi ni hohoemi ga aru to iu yo
Tadoritsuku sono saki ni wa nani ga bokura wo matteru?

Nigeru tame ja naku yuke ou tame ni
Tabi ni deta hazu sa tooi natsu no ano hi

Ashita sae mieta nara tameiki mo nai kedo
Nagare ni sakarau fune no you ni
Ima wa mae e susume

Kurushimi no tsukita basho ni shiawase ga matsu to iu yo
Boku wa mada sagashite iru kisetsu hazure no himawari

Kobushi nigirishime asahi wo mateba
Akai tsumeato ni namida kirari ochiru

Kodoku ni mo nareta nara tsukiakari tayori ni
Hane naki tsubasa de tobitatou
Motto mae e susume

Amagumo ga kireta nara nureta michi kagayaku
Yami dake ga oshiete kureru
Tsuyoi tsuyoi hikari
Tsuyoku mae e susume


They say there's a smile waiting on the other side of sadness

They say there's a smile waiting on the other side of sadness
What awaits us when we arrive there?

When I started on this journey on that far away summer day
It was supposed to be to chase my dreams, not to run away

If I could only see tomorrow, there'd be no more sighs
Like a boat struggling against the flow
Right now I've got to keep going

They say happiness awaits at the end of pain
I'm still searching for an out-of-season sunflower

With my hands balled into fists, I wait for the dawn
With red fingernail marks and shining tears falling

If I've become used to the loneliness, I'll use the moonlight
And fly with featherless wings
I've got to keep going further

If the rain clouds have parted, the wet road will be shining
Only the darkness can teach us
About the strong, strong light
I've got to keep going stronger


2 hours cookbook at 10:03:00 PM


Friday, February 09, 2007

Yeh Joh Halka Halka Saroor Hai
Yeh Teri Nazar Ka Qasoor Hai

This mild intoxication

It is the fault of your gaze

Key Sharab Peena Sikha Diya
Tairay Pyar Nai, Teri Chaah Nai

That you have taught me how to drink

With my desire,my longing for you

Teri Behki Behki Nigaah Nai
Mujhay Ik Sharabi Bana Diya…

Your flirtatious looks
Have made me a lover of wine

Sharab Kaisi, Khumaar Kaisa
Yeh Sub Tumhari Nawazishein Hein

What a drink, what a high
These are all your gifts

Pilai Hai Kiss Nazar Say Tu Nai
Key Mujhko Apni Khabar Nahi Hai

How you have made me elated with your looks

That I am not even aware of myself

Mere Dil Ki Dunya Bana Kar Mita Di, Acha!
After inhabiting my heart’s world,
you destroyed it

Mere Baad Kisko Satao Gay,
Mujhe Kis Tarah Se Mitao Gay
Kahan Ja Ke Teer Chalao Gay

Who will you torment after me?

How will you obliterate me?
Where will you direct your arrows?

Meri Dosti Ki Balaein Lo
Mujhe Haath Utha Kar Duaein Do,
Tumhein Ek Qatil Bana Diya

Thank my friendship

Raise your hands and bless me

That I have made you a murderer

Mujhe Daikho Khuwahish-E-Jan-E-Jaan
Main Wohi Hoon Anwar-E-Nim Jaan

Look at me, desire of my life’s life
That I am that same man

Tumhain Itna Hosh Tha Jub Kahan
Na Chalao Is Tarah Tum Zaban

When did you ever have such self-awareness

Don’t argue with me like this

Karo Mera Shukriya Meherban
Tumhein Baat Karna Sikha Diya

In fact, be grateful

That I was the one who taught how you to speak

Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai,
Yeh Teri Nazar Ka Kasoor Hai
Kay Sharab Peena Sikha Diya

This mild intoxication
It is the fault of your gaze
That you have taught me how to drink

2 hours cookbook at 12:04:00 AM


Monday, February 05, 2007

For a change!

Something from Japan, for a change!


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