Friday, December 30, 2005

tired....... more than anythinn i just want a place to relaxxx.....mayb at the seaside durin full moon,mayb a big open street with no one,mayb just the corner seat ov ma collegez library,or mayb just shut myself up in my room...*sigh*..


the girl in me

i want to be stranded,
with you on cooney's island,
to feel the silky sand touch my toes,

run along the shore,
scream and shout,
as you follow me around,
and then let you win,
by just giving in.

i want to sit with you,
under a coconut tree,
on a shiny monday morning,
when everyone's at work,
and eat slices of mangoes,

i want to be with you,
on the clouds,
among the stars,
we shall shine the brightest,
and in the mornings,
i can walk beside you safely,
on a rainbow,
that shimmers.and.glimmers.

i want to dance with you,
under the pouring rain,
in a field,
where wild strawberries grow,
and there's no music,
but the one playing in our mind.


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Monday, December 26, 2005


Naan Desu Ka~!!

our Very own bread Naan is very popular in Japan.
My Dad told me to get few naanz as well.
anywayy..i didntt kneww wheree it was keptt...Dad told me butt the storee wass big enoughh... I was also hesitant to ask the attendant. I had just started my Japanese language class and I was not prepared to take out all my language weapons at that time.

But I have to eat itt...............I searched a lot in that store but.. I was seeing everything else but Naan.
Camee backk...n my Dad iss lookin at mee.. you gott every otherr thingg other thann naan..hahah..
I learned the Japanese for “what is this?” ,“how much is this?” and “where is this?”.How much (is this) – “Ikura desu ka”Where (is this) – “Doko desu ka”What (is this) – “Nan desu Ka”. Joiningg the last two sentences to ask for Naan (see the similarity between Naan and NAN ("What", in Japanese).So if you want to ask where Naan is, call the attendant and ask him:“NAAN doko desu ka”

nextt dayy I havee to gett NaaN...noww i was very confident. I know Japanese and I know what I want.

So go there, ask him, get it and get out.
I entered the store.
I went to the food section.
I didn’t bother to search for Naan once again..hehe

I called the attendant.
I need Naan and I have to ask him where is Naan.
So what I need to ask is “NAAN Doko Desu ka?"
What is the problem?....just ask him.

I asked him:“NAN desu ka” ("Nan desu ka" means What is this?-what I wanted to ask was "NAAN doko desu ka"-but.......I know Japanese.....!!!!!)

He stared at me………….For him, here is a foreigner who called him with some authority and I-know-everything-well-attitude…..he was too busy; still he showed his dedication and immediately came to that foreigner to help him out………….and the foreigner is asking him……."What is this???"!!!!What is What…………………??I again asked him…….. "Nan desu ka"…………He again stared at me.I didn’t realize the problem. For me, I wanted Naan and I was asking that…….

but why is he staring at me??
He is supposed to show where the Naan is! Anyway, I did my part well. I asked him what I wanted and now it is totally his job to cater my needs. I can do only this much (and my stock of Japanese words are already over). What else can I do? I also stared at him.Our staring competition continued for a while.

anywayy i just saidd Naan~!!n gesturinn wheree with my bothh handz..hehhe... Naan……….

n afterrall he gott watt i wantedd....

I .want. chocolate.


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Sunday, December 25, 2005


クリスマス・イブ Words & Music by Tatsuro Yamashita

雨は夜更け過ぎに 雪へと変わるだろう Silent night, Holy night
きっと君は来ない ひとりきりのクリスマス・イブ Silent night, Holy night
心深く 秘めた想い 叶えられそうもない
必ず今夜なら 言えそうな気がした Silent night, Holy night
まだ消え残る 君への想い 夜へと降り続く
街角にはクリスマス・トゥリー 銀色のきらめき Silent night, Holy night

umm.. thiss iss the best christmass songg...amongg all the Xmass songss i have everr heardd..heheh...

i mm justt backk afterr aboutt a week...ohhh...i feel likee its moree thann a monthh i haventt touchedd ma keyboardd...haaaa...was quitee long... anywayy...examzz overr...i donno whyy theyy havee it on holidayzz ...ecspecially on weekendd...ghgaha..hatee itt...

Their origin is unknown, and many theories have been made on how or where they come from. Most people believe that dreams express our inner-most desires, or a message from the subconscious part of your brain.

Well I don’t how much of all that is true, but sometimes dreams, I believe are sent, by the higher power.


Your Eyes Should Be Violet
Your eyes reflect: Mystery and allure
What's hidden behind your eyes: A quiet passion
What Color Should Your Eyes Be?

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Kyun mere dil ko jala rahe hain yeh log
Zakhm bhare dil ko sata rahe hein yeh log

Usko bhulane ki kosish mein khud ko bhul gaya
Mere ghar ka pata kyun batate hein mujhe yeh log

Mekhane mein bhi hum ab hum nahi rahe
Uski kasam na jane kyoun dilate hein yeh log

Kabhi hasaate hein kabhi rulate hein yeh log
Mere khuda bade khudgarz hain tere yeh log
all moods asidee...withh a bigg smilee...itttsss timee too partyyy..heheh...

Mama papa..hehe...happy happpy n a very haAaAapappppYyyii...
Wedding anniverseryy~....
umm..hehe...wish you a happy future full of lov n happiness...
aLl the best for many more n all the happy dayz that you spent togetherr

This is an occasion to celebrate the joys you've shared in the past and the hopes you share for the future.
To appreciate how fortunate you are to be together.
As your relationship continues to grow,
it enriches not only you,
but those of us who love you....
I love you,
just both of you.
many times u ignore ur feelings
And feel my problems and woe At your own heart.

I need u,
just both of you
You always solve my problems


I luv you..... JUST BOTH OF YOU...

Ay Mayray Khuda Manghoo Mai Aure KeaDua!
SoO Doaoon Ki Hai Yea Aik Hi Bas DuAa,
MayRay Sar Per Rahay Saya-e-Waldane Sada
hamari taraf sey aap ko koi pareshani na ho.... aap ki duaaon ki zarooratt haii ... aap kay sathh kii zarroratt haii.... aap keyy bagerr...yehh zindagii ...kuch nahinn..kuch nahinnn....


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

~i wannt space~

I want space,
I want time,
time to breathe,
time to think,
time to understand.
butt..... i cant..i just cant.
no matter how hard i try. its simply nooo use.
i want to b free,free from all the muddle of this entangled,confused and complicated world.
I want to be free from all sorrows,the grief and the fears.

Life is sooo unpredictable,so fragile...i wishh thingss were differentt forr mee.
learning from our mistakes is thee key to improving ourselves.butt i alwayz movedd with positive thinking,positive actions and positive learning.i dont find any of my past mistakes from whichh i can learn.
Inner satisfaction,ultimately provides happiness,but the problem is satisfaction.

i wishh all this was just a horrible dream.still my heart insists on continuing this struggle until the truth prevails and reality overcomes this hideous dream,or death takes away into its own realm of eternal truth and immorality.....

i donno watt i amm writing...wat i amm thinkinn....hmm..
sometimes the experience of seeing and hearing is simply unbearable and unacceptable.I want to run away fromm this mess....
~Dark eyes~

Stuck in a haze
Those eyes…
Those dark eyes…
Dark, deep eyes…

Where resided many stories…
That once shimmered with hope…
Looking into those eyes…
Those eyes…
Those dark eyes…
Blinked with blush…
And gave him her all…
Her soul…
Her body…
Her eyes…

Those eyes…
Those dark eyes…
That wait now…

shimmering with tears…
For the same touch…
The same words…
The long to relive the same moments…
The anguish that floats in them…
The agony that they hold…

Those eyes…
Those dark eyes…
Stories still linger…
In them…
in those eyes…

Many fears reside in them…
Of reliving the same agony…
Those eyes…
Those dark eyes…

Why do I see only darkness in them now?

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Friday, December 09, 2005


















ポイント ★★*
DATE 05/11/28
THEATER ヤクルトホール
監督 ロブ・マーシャル ナンバー 147
出演 チャン・ツイィー/渡辺謙/ミシェル・ヨー/コン・リー
批評 ネタばれ注意! 結末に触れています

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Friday, December 02, 2005

If Someday

If someday our paths don't meet, would our hearts do the same?
Would you remember how i look, or even remember my name?
Would i be your only, or would there be someone new?
would i still be the only one, or one of a few?
Would you still love me, and care as much as you do?
Well, not that i think of it..i know what's trueI'll always be your only,
there'll never be anyone new
Not even one let alone a few
If someday our paths don't meet,
our hearts won't do the same because my isn't a game


hey everyone!
here i am again..
with nothing too amusing to tell you...
unlike most of you...
nothing worth mentioning has happend in my life...
my daily routine is pretty simple......
hmmm..okkk...ill stopp ma selff beinng boredd n tryy too ritee outt somethinn..hmmm


7 deadly scares,likes,things,do's and donts and etc etc etc

7 things that scare me:
1. The Darknesss...
2. Being Alone
3. Losing my eyesightt...
4. Turning
5. Being Jealous
6. Losing my family n freindzz...
7. umm..being unlucky

7 things that I like most:
1. being busyy
2. all deliciouss ffooooooood.
3. bb punctual
4. Sleeping
5. Spending time with the people dear to me
6. Music-whatever kinds as long its pleasing to my earz
7.CHOCOLATE in any forms. Cookies,cakes,drinks etc etc. Luv them!

7 important things in my room:
1. My bed!
2. My tablee.n.lamp
3. My PC!
4. My books n pens. markers.pins.calendar.diary..hehe..nn moree..
5. My cupboard which contains all my lovely clothes
6. my mirror! jewelryy/makeup boxx...

7 things I can do:
1. I can movee maa tonguee leftt too rightt n rightt too leftt quitee fasterr thann normal ppl...
3. managee timee
4. laughh n dancee
5. usee moneyy
6. Walk
7. Run

7 things I say the most:
1. hi~
2. hHhhahHHHAhhah~ usssSsSOOooo~~ hahah!!!
3. eeeeeeeeeee....unneeeeeeeeee...eeeEEEeeEennnnNn!!
4. naHH~!!
6. OOIIIIっ!!
7. .Y ou wait until i see you! I'll hit you den u noe!!....(tu ther zaraa!!!

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Do something for God..sorryy...prayyy nn askk forgiveness forr maa selff offcoursee...
2. Travelling around the world
3. Get married and have children
4. Make sure my parents are well provided for
5. Live happily for whatever comes my way....nn thiss needss quitee a lott ovv patiencee...
6. bee kindd too everyonee...thoughh i alreadyy amm..
7. hmm...seizee the dayy..

lookinn forwardd forr a niiiiiiiiicee weekendd....

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