Saturday, December 30, 2006

This year it seems that time has flown by quicker than its usual pace.
It seems in the span of a year, so many anomalies have occurred which -in turn- redefined the world, the space we live in.

I pray that Allah grant patience to the mother who lost her son to a fire,
for the sister whose brother was mercilessly murdered without reason,
to the father whose son drowned in front of his friends.

I pray that Allah grant peace to the mother who departed in an accident,
leaving her four little children to cope with the vast emptiness she left behind.

I pray that Allah grant hope to the woman who left her abusive husband with her two-year old child,to cope in this cruel world with no one to turn to.

I pray for the little girls who are sold by their fathers for money he must use to feed his hungry children.

I pray for peace in places where nothing but gun shots have ever resonated.
I pray for security in a place which has no boundaries.

I pray for the safety of the men who fight for their country,
against men who fight for their religion.

I pray that every child has a moment to smile,
a day to remember,
before he dies,
as a fond memory.

I pray that no mother is ever shamed in front of her family,
leaving her hopeless,

I pray that no girl is condemned to a life time of prevarication for a mistake she once made as a child.

I pray that the bombastic tyrants which rule parts of this world are stripped of their integrity and pride, revealing the truth.

I pray that our dreams become our children’s realities.

I pray for the unity of Ummah.

I pray for peace, and love and happiness.

May the message of Islam brings terror into the hearts of the Kafireen, Munafiqeen, wal Murtadeen.And it brings tears of happiness to the eyes of the Mu’mineen fe kulli makaan.

Allahumma a’Izzal Islama wal Muslimeen. Wa Adhilashirka wal Mushrikeen! Allahumma makeele deenik! Allahumma ‘arish Shari’ahatak! Allahummah a’Izzah kitaabak. Allahumma Maftahli ‘Ibaadakal Mu’mineen Fathun Mubeena! Allahumman Surhum Nasrun Mu azzara! Allahumman Surhum fe Afghanistan! Allahumman Surhum fil ‘Iraq! Allahumman Surhum fe Filistine! Allahumman Surhum fe Sheeshan! Allahumman Surhum fe Somaal! Allahumman Surhum fe Al Jazaaer! Allahummansur Mujahideena fe kulli makaan! Allahummansur Mujahideena fe kulli makaan! Allahummansur Mujahideena fe kulli makaan! Allahummar hum haalahum! Allahummar hum Da’faahum! Allahummar hum Faqrahum! Allahumma yadha Jalaali wal Ikraam! Ameen Ya Rabbal ‘Alameen!

And to Allah belongs everything and all matters return back to Him alone.

Have a nice day.
Eid Mubarik and A Happy New Year!


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