Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wouldnt you miss me???

I make friends easily.Almost all kinds of friends but specially the ones whom you love and you know they love you.not just being kind and keeping in touch, not the ones who will go away after few months.

You've been on my mind.
A vague grey-ish blue.
Now that you've crossed the gates
Can you come back and tell me,
Where do clouds go when they evaporate?

I think there are terrapins, faeries, & gnomes.

Were there little people to welcome you,
Or monsters and dwarfs and men?
Is it all strange and new,
Or is there a sense of deja vu?

Is life coming back to you?

Did you meet her there?
Did she recognise and greet you?
Stones in her wet pockets,
Lest she fly away.
Like a frail black cloud, on a rainy day.

Where you still stoned? You know, I was always frightened ...

Do you miss here? Its raining.
Is it nice there, or were you scared?
Or are you still laughing, Madcap?
Paint me a picture, frame it in a silver song,
And slide it down a rainbow

Or keep it by the Gates, above the Wall;
guess you've broken through them now.

Wouldnt you miss me???

The only thing i cant take is betraying (how hard it is to forgive as it is to define).though, with time, you learn to forgive almost anything, because you learn how hard love is to come by, and whole. you learn how rare goodness is, and complete. you take it as you find it, fragmented, distorted and all. all for the love.

its sad.
it leaves you thinking,
after everything we have been through,
after everything i have done for you,
this is what it came to?
this is what you could think of me?
it hurts ... but what the heck, we survive!

The best friends are too much a part of you, to turn away from, in anger or hurt or frustrated expectations. The gap they leave never fills up.
Sometimes even by trying hard to build the bridges things dont go the way they should.
Sometimes throwing away the ego and pride wounded doesnt helps.
and even if they are back..you miss the comfort of the familiar, you miss the utter ease of communication, where what you meant, is always known or understood.
Is it too late??
Or does the welcome really never end?
Am I really looking for you, or traces of the me I used to be?

Make friends but dont make them so hard, that when they shrug, your world crumbles. love your friends, but dont cut up pieces of ur heart and give them wrapped presents. it hurts when it hurts, badly.Make friends, but keep your 'self'. Make friends, but dont give them ur whole heart. Make friends, but don't let them break you, dont let them near enough....


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