Saturday, November 18, 2006


Lately I have begun to notice how often

I do not think of you.
You don't speak to me anymore.
I wonder if I have gone clear
or have you finally released me?
I sleep to finish the dreams
others were woken up from. It is funny,
this insight into strange minds. So many stories.
Knowing how curious you are, I'll tell you.
Someone in Alaska
stands by the window, overlooking
moonlit trees the storm
has bowed with snow.
In his dreams, he speaks to me
of the necessity for darkness. His mind
folded in a tin-foil, floating in wine, speaks
in foreign tongues.
I wish to comprehend him before
the solstice turns, leaving
the sun behind for six months.
Another girl from Peru: she rarely speaks.
Her fingers keep turning a nickel round
and around through the night. I am afraid
of her breaking this silence.


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at November 19, 2006 2:03 AM Blogger The Surreptitious Fabric said...

Yeouch! This is so pretty! Tell me this: does Japan have no modern buildings? :P:P:P Man, this is so cool! Another temple or something? :)

at November 19, 2006 3:11 AM Blogger ~*Jappanun*~ said...

hahhaha..what should i say, i am fed up of builz:PP Living among busy streets make you lov ancient places:P and i know thats isnt the case with ya:D

at November 20, 2006 3:28 AM Blogger The Surreptitious Fabric said...

Oh, you'd be quite wrong. I enjoy both because I don't get enough of either, especially since I spent the last year living in the middle of a jungle I like to call Topi. :D

at November 20, 2006 3:28 AM Blogger The Surreptitious Fabric said...

*last four years :P


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