Saturday, April 29, 2006

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

read between the lines of what's fucked up...

How to make a Jappanun

5 parts friendliness

1 part courage

3 parts beauty
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Serve with a slice of curiosity and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail

Cannot take the mindless monotony of classes anymore.
When I look around and see people snoring away in their seats in the front row, I feel like shaking them awake screaming "If I'm awake at this horrible hour why can't you be too?????
someone is right out there saying"They come to sleep or speak japlish." lol..

I need to major in anger management instead.

To make things worse, it isn't just sleeping students that piss me off.


things are quite complicated these day so allow me to write down as something is surely better than nothing.

Its very difficult knowing the right thing to do. It's equally difficult making everyone happy. Somewhere, someone or the other is bound to have problems with what you do - even if you have the best intentions in the world.

Excuse the long entry, the countless incredibly clichéd phrases it employs, and its lack of a solid point. All I know is that I'm on this boulevard of self-discovery, and it can substitute for the "right" path for now, whatever that may be.

Leadership is all about dealing with, having control and keeping it, learning how to put your foot down when need be, keeping your temper under control and your mouth shut when you're upset.

watever it is.....

It's a good life.n it should be.


listening to- Dil ki qasam,Noori.
Hum duniya badlein gay,hamney khai hai dil ki qasam.
aasaman choolen ge
choolen ge hum

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Monday, April 24, 2006


Being quite happy with busy routines,beside the extreme need of water,sleep,free time ...

've finally reached the saturation point.or what i should call it.

Active,alive and in ultimate harmony.

(God knows i am actually worn out,ill at ease and wan but wont let ya know.)

Someone, please SHOOT me or SECURE me.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

taskii.N ko ham na roe.n jo zauq-e-nazar mile
huraa.N-e-Khuld me.n terii suurat magar mile

apanii galii me.n mujh ko na kar dafn baad-e-qatl
mere pate se Khalq ko kyo.n teraa ghar mile

saaqii garii kii sharm karo aaj varnaa ham
har shab piyaa hii karate hai.n mai jis qadar mile

tujh se to kuchh kalaam nahiin lekin ae nadiim
meraa salaam kahiiyo agar naamaabar mile

tum ko bhii ham dikhaaye ke majanuu.N ne kyaa kiyaa
fursat kashaakash-e-Gam-e-pinhaa.N se gar mile

laazim nahii.n ke Khijr kii ham pairavii kare.n
maanaa ke ek buzurg hame.n ham safar mile

ae saakanaan-e-kuchaa-e-dil_daar dekhanaa
tum ko kahii.n jo Ghalib-e-aashuftaa sar mile


we wouldn't weep over [the loss of] peace, if relish of sight would be available.
but among the Hoors(Houreen) of Paradise your face/form should be available!

don't bury me in your street after the murder!
through my address/information, why should {everybody} find your house?

{be ashamed for / uphold the honor of} Cupbearer-ship today; otherwise we
every night, always drink wine to the extent it would be available.

there's no 'word' against you, but, oh friend,
give him my greetings, if you see the Messenger.

to you too we would show what Majnun did.
if we would get leisure from the tension of hidden grief.

it's not necessary that we would follow in Khizr's footsteps.
we considered that we had acquired one venerable-elder as a fellow-traveler.

oh dwellers in the street of the heart-possessor,
keep an eye out-in case you {anywhere / by any chance}
run into Ghalib with the disordered head.


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Sunday, April 09, 2006

eVen A smile...

“Indeed the gates to goodness are many: glorifying God, praising Him, magnifying Him, saying ‘There is no god but Allah,’ enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong, removing (any source of) harm from the road, making the deaf hear (and understand), guiding the blind, showing the seeker his need, striving as far as your two legs could carry you and with deep concern to give succor to him who asks, carrying with the strength of your arms (the burdens of) the weak. All these are (acts of) charity.” “And your smiling in the face of your brother is charity, your removing of stones, thorns, and bones from people’s paths is charity, and your guiding a man gone astray in the world is charity for you.

According to this hadith,charity is not just giving to the weak or poor, it opens up a vast and limitless world by emphasizing that every good is charity.This points to another basic principle of Islamic thought and behavior that the standard on which life is judged is not the materialistic or the economic standard alone but one based on faith, feeling, and sensitivity, which form the core of human relations.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Pulling the plug for a few days is a great help when it comes to unwinding.
I mean once in awhile i think i should have to withdraw from the world.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Its raining...
Its pouring...
My love-life is boring...

Random feeling: I want to fall in love.
Dear GOD!! my life is so sad.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

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