Saturday, August 19, 2006

She walks down the road,
just walks on down.
She doesn't make a peep.
She don't make a sound.

She's looking for something,
something she lost.
She don't know why,
'cause hurt it cost.

Her heart she once gave,
full of love, so true.
He threw it back,
all hurt and blue.

She cried somuch,
she hurt so deep.
She don't know why,
love she must seek.

She lays in her bed,
all alone at night.
She wishes and dreams,
of something so tight.

She wishes one day,
she won't be alone.
she wishes one day,
she'll call him her own.

~ She Wishes One Day, by Caroline Ann Kennedy

I am thinking a lot these days.
I need a real change, where the ocean hits the sand.

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