Monday, August 29, 2005

This is one of the Water Buses that operates in Tokyo Sumida River. The most famous of them is Himiko.

i think its enough for ODAIBA now.............these were some pix i had taken b4 ......i ll try to add shibuyaa if i had a ride there by tommorrowW inshallaHh~

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The summer is always a kind of magical time in Tokyo. Yes, it's incredibly hot and humid, but the evenings are times of fireworks. You'll see these boats along many waterways, loaded with celebrants.Odaiba is a completely artificial island, built on reclaimed landfill in Tokyo Bay. It's labeled as a 'place for couples,' home to the world's largest ferris wheel (that multicolored one you see in the background of some panoramic shots from the Tokyo Tower,) and, I must say, the most surreal shopping mall I've ever seen, the Venus Fort. Imagine, if you will, an entire shopping center done up in gaudy Venetian style, complete with frescoes, plaster statues, and fountains.
back to the point~I have no idea what those buildings are. Most likely your run-of-the-mill office buildings.

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Artificial Island!!

one the worldz largest Ferris Wheel~................ stands 115 meters tall in the reclaimed land of Odaiba in Tokyo. Each gondola holds six people and takes about sixteen~ minutes for one revolution.

That was a very sunny day at Ariake. This building is near the Panasonic Building. I tried to get a picture that shows the imponence of the building, but maybe I need some more training... :-)
It was taken on the bridge between Palette Town and the Fuji Building on Odaiba in Tokyo.....its just a futuristic vision.....
This weird structure hihihi~ is the Fuji Television Japan Broadcast Centre. It is built like a giant lattice with a huge globe suspended in the centre. The building is also in the modern area of Odaiba on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay.

Odaiba (お台場) is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan. Administratively it is a part of Minato-ku, Tokyo. The bridge in the pic. is the famous Rainbow Bridge.........hmMmm~

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

My 1st BloG!!!

eeeeeeeeeek...........i donno why i ve started to make this but lets make my first entry a bit interesting okkkk. actually, how on earth can i make an interesting entry at this timee when im completelii BORED todayy, God knows. well, i'm in JAPAN.Really miss ma homeland the moment my main concern is study:had to study everything in 100% Japanese.....first i was just .........die die die n die. + 1% english...but dats ok.Ma life here started slowly ~n~slowly......jeez.wanted to make lot lot of friendz as i usually did but bcaz ov the language everything was on brake........seemed too late but started with the unknown........(besides the point that i couldve gotten kicked out of gakkou(school) ) instead.Anywayz,hard times are over now n im happy chattering the language which was completely unknown for me n enjoy it n ve a lottt lottt ov friendss.............finally passed ma school with goood...ummm no no...with v.v.good gradess.............まさかこんなに頑張れるとは思えなかった!!!。。。。。n tryin to move further......

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